The City Beatiful

There’s an incredible mix of fun things to do in this great city that makes it an ideal

vacationing spot for not only families but singles, professionals, foodies, outdoor

adventurists, luxury shoppers and international visitors.

75,000,000 People

visit Orlando every year, making it America’s most visited city!

In the heart of Florida, Orlando boasts diverse attractions including world-renowned theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

While famous for its theme parks, the city has grown into a multifaceted destination with upscale shopping, shows, concerts, and sports venues. Orlando’s popularity is evident through record-breaking visitor numbers, solidifying its status as a top American destination. Whether you enjoy rides or fine dining, Orlando’s variety and excitement are bound to enchant you.

Minute to

Popular Attractions

The planned site is located amidst renowned attractions and parks, and it stands out as one of the rare accommodations that can provide a genuinely distinctive luxurious experience. Its strategic location near SR 429 and US-192 makes it ideal for its intended purpose. Moreover, the property is conveniently located just three miles north of the SR-429 and Western Way intersection, which serves as the new western entrance to Walt Disney World.


Closed proximity to many amusement parks and local attractions: Disney World, Disney Hollywood Studio, Universal Studios Theme Park, SeaWorld, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, etc.

Future Growth

The significant presence and continued growth of Disney World and Universal Studios continues to bolster the local economy and lodging demand in Orlando. Ongoing expansions at the Orlando International Airport, and developments at area resorts and attractions should ensure future demand growth.

Enjoy Life

When you’re just minutes from everything, you have more time to enjoy all of life’s precious moments. Create lasting memories with the family in a neighbourhood that you’re proud to call home.

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Experience the convenience of leaving your car at home and exploring Everest Place on foot. This bustling district boasts top-notch services, including restaurants, a grocery store, a medical center, and much more! In addition to the variety of shops and services located in the district center, Everest Place is surrounded by numerous established communities that offer countless additional amenities. This unique blend of offerings ensures that you’ll find everything you need quickly and easily, without having to trek across the city. By providing such a diverse range of services and amenities, Everest Place sets a new standard for a truly comprehensive and cohesive community.

Year Round


No matter what time of year you visit Orlando, you’ll find exciting events, thrilling rides and delicious treats. While each season may not mean a drastic change in weather (it’s sunny and warm most of the year in Florida), there’s always something new around the corner to be excited about! Besides the numerous theme parks listed above, there’s unlimited fun and entertainment options that Orlando has to offer. For more information, visit:

The Official Website of Orlando Tourism

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